Lightning Bond – Glue of the Year!!!


Lightning Bond Is the Only Glue You Will Ever Need!

Helping the World Stick Together One Drop At A Time

Lightning Bond is an improved Cyanoacrylate. It has all the features that we look for in a cyanoacrylate; it is fast, bonds virtually all materials and it is very strong. Lightning Bond does NOT evaporate in the container or clog the tip and is much easier to use.  For this reason alone it separates itself from other cyanoacrylates because it is not as sensitive to oxygen exposure but rather works on Lack Of Oxygen.  You will still be using this glue long after others have dried or clogged in the bottle.

Lightning Bond will bond wood, aluminum, steel, glass, rubber, porcelain, ABS, luran, leather, china, eyeglasses, ceramics, glass and much more.  It is used in the electrical, optical, watch, plastics, business machines, aviation, dental, and tool manufacturing industries.