How To Use Lightning Bond Glue

1. Make sure the material you are bonding is clean and free of all rust, grease, and old glue.  If the surface is not clean use an acetone based solvent (i.e. nail polish remover).
2. If the materials being repaired do not form an airtight fit you may need to use Lightning Fill to eliminate any gaps. ( See Lightning Fill)
3. Apply a very small amount of Lightning Bond to one of the materials being bonded.  For absorbent, porous, or large surfaces, more adhesive may be required.  Some surfaces may require being roughened with fine sand paper.
4. Press firmly together, allowing to set before using.  Prior to pressing the surfaces together you can reposition that materials to the desired location.  Most materials will bond immediately but it may take some surfaces several hours to complete cure at room temperature.



Lightning Fill is used as a filler in combination with Lightning Bond.  (See Applications) 


Use Lightning Fill to fill in cracks, chips, leaks, missing material, and to strengthen joints.

Depending on the application, you can use Lightning Fill first, then add Lightning Bond, or do it in reverse.

When filling a hole or crack, you use Lightning Fill then Lightning Bond.  The material hardens instantly.  For a crack or holes of larger size, this should be done in layers so the Lightning Bond penetrates the Lightning Fill completely.  

When applying to the outside of a pipe, you would use Lightning Bond first and then use Lightning Fill.

After 30 minutes, most surfaces can be machined.  Finished surfaces can be sanded, drilled, tapped, and painted but will not accept stain. 


Used for porous materials, leather, areas with little bonding surface.  The accelerator is applied to one side of the bond and Lightning Bond to the other surface.  Once they are joined extra strength is given to the bond.


SKIN CONTACT –  Quickly soak in warm soapy water.  Avoid excessive force in freeing bonded skin.  Do not pull apart but slowly rotate your fingers away from each other.  An acetone based solvent will also work.

EYE CONTACT – Immediately flush eyes with water for at least 10 minutes.  If eye is shut, do not force open.  Contact a physician at once.

INHALATION – Immediately go to fresh air.  If problems persist, contact a physician.