Safety Data Sheet

1- Chemical Product and Company Identification:
Product Name CA Filler
Product Type: Adhesive Filler
Date Revised: 07/08/2002
2- Composition/Information on Ingredients:
Hazardous Component
Glass Beads
CAS Number
Exposure Limits (TWA)
3– Hazards Identification:
Toxicity Low
Primary routes of entry Inhalation, Ingestion
Signs of exposure: Difficulty breathing, nausea
4- First Aid Measures:
Ingestion Ingestion may cause stomach discomfort. Obtain medical attention.
Inhalation Remove to fresh air. If symptoms persist, obtain medical attention.
Skin Contact N/A
Eye Contact Flush with warm water for 15 minutes. DO NOT RUB EYE! Obtain medical attention.
5- Fire Fighting Measures:
Flash Point N/A
Extinguishing Media N/A
Unusual Fire or Explosion Hazards: N/A
Special Fire Fighting Procedures: N/A
6-Accidental Release Measures
Steps to be taken in case of spill or leak: Collect spilled material and dispose in accordance with local ordinances.
7- Handling and Storage:
Safe Storage Store inside in a dry location in closed containers
Handling Keep container tightly closed. Avoid breathing dust.
8- Protective Equipment:
Ventilation Local exhaust ventilation recommended.
Respiratory protection Surgical masks
Skin Gloves and long sleeve shirts.
Eye protection Safety glasses or goggles with side shields.
9- Physical and Chemical Properties:
Apperance Clear/White solid beads
Odor None
Boiling Point N/A
Vapor Pressure N/A
Vapor Density N/A (Air=1)
Evaporation rate N/A
Specific Gravity N/A
Solubility in water Not Soluble
10- Stability and Reactivity
Stabililty Stable
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur
Incompatibility N/A
11- Toxicological Information
See Section 3
12-Ecological Information
No Data
13- Disposal Considerations:
Disposal procedures: Incinerate or dispose of in an approved landfill in accordance with local and EPA regulations.  Not a RCRA hazardous waste.
14- Transportation Information:
Domestic Ground Transport:
  Proper shipping name Unrestricted
   Hazard class or division Unrestricted
   Identification number None
   Marine polluntant No
15- Regulatory Information
CA Prpposition 65 No information

16- Other Information

Hazard NFPA Hazard Code HMIS Hazard Code
Health 0 0
Fire 0 0
Reactivity 0 0
Specific Hazard None- See Section 8 Personal Protection
NFPA is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association
HMIS is a registered trademark of the National Paint and Coatings Association