I have a 98 Corvette convertible. The back glass came loose from the canvas. GM said nothing could fix it and I would have to buy a new one. I put Lightning Bond™ on the glass and accelerator on the canvas and pressed them together. It has held for over a year now through heat and rain. Lightning Bond saved me $1500.

Ronald Tucker
Mocksville, NC

I had a BB size hole in my air compressor due to corrosion from water. I have been trying to fix it for 2 years. I used Lightning Bond and filler to plug the hole. I was surprised that the leaking stopped. It is still holding two years later. You saved me $300.

Jay Silverman

Upon returning home I was informed that some damage had occurred to my boat.  High winds had caused the boat to smash into the dock and the aft spray rail had broken into four (4) pieces.  I used LIGHTING BOND and LIGHTNING BLAST to glue the pieces together and let stand. Your product has saved me some two hundred dollars as now I do not have to replace it.

D Semos – Bermuda Islands

I used Lightning Bond on my niece’s shoes, the heel came off and I thought I’d demonstrate it to her and her mom. They were amazed then my sis had me try it on her broken figurines. Since then I’ve used it several times; on umbrella handles, a wooden leg on a chair, a handle on our window, my nephew’s toys. I’ve used lightning bond numerous times and it never ceases to amaze me. My cousin came over with one of his hubcaps that was almost split in half. I glued it together and held for 5 seconds. He could even tell it was split. He tried to pull it apart but he couldn’t.  I bet I could use on a lot more things. That’s why I’ve already reordered.

R Guevara – New Jersey

I tried it on a broken ceramic figurine and was instantly sold on the way it bonded the ceramic pieces.  A friend of ours asked me about replacing an aluminum window lock.  The window lock was unique and there were no replacements that would work with the latch on the window.  I got out the Lightning Bond and filler and started to build up the lock area in two layers. After each layer had dried, I shaped the filler material with a file.  I re-installed the latch on the Window where it is still working after nine months.  The next use was to repair a broken metal piece in a computer that is not stocked for replacement without buying the next higher assembly (at considerably increased cost).  The frame piece is as strong as the day it was stamped out of a sheet of metal.

J Piccirillo, Engineer – New York

I am a model builder of Airplanes, Boats and Helicopters.  I have used super glues for many years and have tried several different brands.  Yours by far is the easiest to work with.  It truly does not clog the tube, and allows time for positioning before it cures.  I think its a great product.

Luther Farmer – New York

I work with many types of plastics similar to cell phone housings.  The glue with its excellent filler is often called upon to make my attachments.  Many times I have to fill in wide gaps.  Other glues never worked but your glue is very tenacious and is able to attach to many contaminated surfaces.   it is difficult to say what lightning bond won’t work on..

M Esposito, Industrial Engineer – New York

You know that you have one heck of a product. I use Lightning Bond exclusively now around the house and car in lieu of duck-tape; crazy glue; Velcro and other fasteners. It bonds almost to virtually everything I have tried. It even works better on auto mirrors than the products sold in Pep Boys and such. Whenever I get in a jam, Lightning Bond is there and works quickly and Every Time !!! My hats off to this amazing product!!!

Z Dicpinigaitis – New York

Originally I thought it was just another krazy glue product. I don’t quite understand how you “refined” that product, but the bottom line is yours is one of the best adhesives I’ve used. After 26 years as an A&P mechanic with the airlines believe me I’ve seen them all. Well thanks again for a great product.

B Iorizzo – New York
I bought Lighting Bond and let me tell you that its incredible.  I am very happy and satisfied with your product, I will never buy crazy glue again.   truly

J Medina  – New York


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