Usage Examples

Examples of Uses of Lightning Bond by Category

Auto/motorcycles – Repairs seat covers, door panels, radio knobs, turn signal handles, mirrors, loose rubber, fan belts, body molding, ABS, dashboards, lexan, bug shields, metal, and wood.

•Use in conjunction with filler for cracked or chipped lens covers, bumpers, fenders, paint chips, stripped threads, radiator hoses, radiators, reservoirs, gas tanks, fuel lines, and much more.

RV/boats – Repairs tarps, canopies, rubber stripping, fixtures, loctite for nuts and bolts, metal, wood, plastics, attachments, seat covers, china, rubber belts, and seals.

•Use in conjunction with filler to repair holes in fiberglass, holding tanks, PVC lines, hoses, porcelain sinks, fuel lines, loose legs of furniture, gas tanks, reservoirs, lens covers, bumpers, stripped threads, and much more.

Home – Repairs crystal, china, ceramics, rubber, wood, canopies eyeglasses, power equipment, rubber belts, gas tanks, jewelry, computers, plastics, metal, shower fixtures, and heirlooms.

•Use in conjunction with filler to repair loose legs on chairs, wood, tanks, refrigerant lines, stripped threads, chipped porcelain, refrigerator shelves, and much more.

Crafts – Repairs china, crystal, metal, wood, porcelain, and ceramics.

•Use in conjunction with accelerator (Lightning Blast) it will bond ceramics and porous materials (leather and wood) without long set up times.

   •Use in conjunction with filler to fill cracks and holes.  It can be filled, sanded, machined and paints.

Outdoors – Repairs guns (butts, sites, grips, screw holes), tips on rods, neoprene waders, fletchings on arrows, parts on four wheelers, knife handles, power equipment, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and much more.

Models – Works on plastics and balsa wood.

For porous surfaces – you will need to use the accelerator/blast.

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